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Henriette Emma Marie Baroness Pereira von Arnstein

Henriette Emma Marie Baroness Pereira von Arnstein is an Austrian botanic illustrator.
She is born on 14.11.1874 in Rome in the family of the Austro-Hungarian diplomat Alfons Baron von Pereira Arnstein (1845-1931) and Anna Vranyczany Dobrinovic (1855-1924). Her predecessors are the Austrian bankers Pereira Arnstein. Fanny von Arnstein was the great-grandmother of Henriette. The Arnstein mansion at Vienna and her villas at Schönbrunn and Baden bei Wien were regularly used for hospitality. She was also involved in charitable works. Her only daughter, Henrietta, Baroness Pereira-Arnstein, was also a skilled musician and a regular correspondent of her cousin, Lea Salomon, wife of Abraham Mendelssohn and mother of Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn (who was named after Fanny Arnstein). Henrietta Pereira-Arnstein (1780-1859), a fine pianist, aided Haydn in his last years and continued the musical traditions of the Arnstein family. Henriette plays the piano and is a talented painter. She spent a major part of her life travelling. At first with her family – her father in an Austro – Hungarian ambassador in Württemberg (1899-1907). In 1910 she was invited by the Bulgarian king Ferdinand as a music and painting teacher for his daughters – Princess Nadezhda and Princess Eudoxia. During her stay in the kingdom of Bulgaria she paints the botanic exhibits of the King. He is a famous botanist. Her floral watercolors impress with their perfection and colors. They leave a feeling that the flowers are alive and you can feel their smell. The works of Henriette Pereira von Arnstein are hard to find because only a few of them are preserved. Some of the works from her Bulgarian period belong to private collections. In 1913 she leaves Bulgaria and goes back to Vienna. Henrietta Pereira – Arnstein died unmarried on 02.03.1921 in Vienna.

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